Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

KZN Legislature

The KwaZulu-Natal Legislature complex is a microcosm of the province’s landscape, geology and diverse cultures.

Soundspacedesign's entry in this invited competition was ultimately the preferred bid out of the finalists but unfortunately the legislature is yet to be relocated.

Drawing on the accretive nature of building in Africa, and indeed in most life-forms, the architecture fuses vernacular and futuristic geometry into a hybrid that is able to change and grow without compromising the aesthetic. 

A landscape of ceremony and celebration is devised by emphasising outdoor eventing particular to Zulu culture, and by imbuing certain areas like the Ensamo (sacred space) and Olwandhla (artificial ocean) with ceremonial functions that incorporate ancestral approval and blessings. 

Graphic divination technique to determine an accretive geometry for the complex.

The building is conceived to render unto the nation, an elevated status of the province known as the Kingdom of the Zulu, whilst giving the Legislature and Administration the authority, space and technical ability to perform its duties.

Event based security configurations


Views & Phasing Diagrams

Ministerial Offices

Lobbies and Toilet interiors

Office of the Speaker

Legislature Chamber

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