Peralta Beach Masterplan

The intimacy, walkability and social amenities of the new masterplan for Peralta Beach knit a new global community into the new-ruralism of Atalaia and its spectacular pro-surfing beach, Praia Peralta.

In February of 2020 soundspacedesign secured the role of Masterplanners and key project Concept Architects in order to assist Obrana's team in the design and activation of the social spaces that form part of Obrana's commitment to Tourism Portugal's tourism development directives. Our scope includes design of new street layouts, key multi-residential projects such as the Duo Apartments and the new Horizon project, and continuation of the conceptual design role for the Clubhouse and Peralta Plaza projects initiated by Don Albert during his role at FJMT as Head of International Development.

As Covid-19 continues to reshape our world, we looked to greater self sufficiency, stronger local social bonds, and a closer relationship to the land and what it can produce in terms of food and energy. Permaculture has never been more important than right now. So is being part of a dynamic, multi-generational community.


All these ideals find a high degree of congruence with climate change mitigation strategies - the most important aspects of which are spatial, not material. Our first step in the urban design process is to explore design strategies towards building community resilience: less reliance on the automobile, more live-work, urban farming, wellness, creative networking, fitness, and most of all...happiness.

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Aerial view looking west towards the rugged beach of Praia Peralta. The highlighted area is a further phase of the development subject to acquisitions.

For the development of Peralta Beach we outlined a series of design principles that operate through the gamut of scales from macro to micro, affecting not only what we see, touch and how we feel, but as importantly how all stakeholders will interact as people in the post-covid-19 new rural community.



Clarity of Address

Human Scale

Multimodal Transport Access

Passive Surveillance


Climate Change Resilience


Bold Form

Space Beyond Space

3 Principle Materials


Point of Difference


Decorative Pattern


Natural Daylight

Continuity of Space


Desks in all bedrooms

3 Principle Materials


Personalised Spaces

Table of design principles from macro to micro scale

The urban design preserves existing rights of way while creating pockets of parks and mixed-use streetscapes to the public domain.

The centre of Peralta Beach is located at the intersection of Peralta Beach road and a new road going into the Heights III development, marked by Peralta Plaza which is built off the ruins of an old turkey farm building.

Recognising the rural character of the surrounding farming community and guided by the quirky footprint of a turkey farm as its footprint, the new Peralta Beach Plaza resonates strongly with its context and affords amazing views of the ocean and countryside from its Acropolis like position.

Horizon is another key project within our masterplan for Peralta Beach, Portugal. The bold design is currently under planning review and we do expect a few changes but the essence of beach barefoot luxury combined with a crucial "live-work-workshop" component is complimented by a robust pallete of warm beton brut, smooth white plaster, and low fuss travertine. We are going back to the future on Horizon!

The Clubhouse preserve's FJMT's original massing and response to the site which optimises view and solar access whilst remaining low-slung and sleek enough to not obstruct views from the adjacent neighbours.

Masterplan of Peralta Beach showing the central park, the origin of the Dinosaur Trail to the beach.

The new residences of Peralta Beach observe a 600m marine setback from the Atlantic Ocean.

Drone photography of the new Duo Apartments (under construction) within Heights III - courtesy of Obrana

Drone photography looking towards the Atlantic Ocean courtesy of Obrana.

The project is currently in the last phase of construction for Heights 3 of Peralta Beach with the Clubhouse slated for construction October 2020 and Peralta Plaza for completion within the next two years.

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