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Peralta Beach, Portugal

Peralta Plaza

Rising from the ruins of a picturesque poultry farm on a hilltop overlooking the Silver Coast's rugged Atlantic coastline, the Peralta Plaza & Boutique Hotel promises to be the social glue for Obrana SA's burgeoning new community currently well under way at Peralta Beach.

With a timely programme of relaxed dining, deli-grocer, surf-rentals, line-shops, boutique hotel, Peralta Plaza has flexible indoor-outdoor spaces that maximise social interaction between locals, residents and visitors to this unique surf-lifestyle community.


The east facade opens to a secure swimming pool area that services all the residents and visitors to Peralta Beach


The ground floor bar/restaurant connects the street to the sheltered courtyard within

2019.12.17 TF-V4-Don-WEB.jpg

Double volume spaces keep it buzzy, light and breezy.

2019.12.15 TF-V1-Don-WEB.jpg

The civic nature of Peralta Plaza is amplified through a robust yet elegant architectural expression

The project is currently under planning review.

Initial concept - FJMT Studio

Current Proposal - soundspacedesign with Obrana

Interiors - soundspacedesign with Obrana

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