Cape Town, South Africa

Soundspace 1

Proving, once again, that a good bone structure is the timeless foundation of beauty, a floor on the Bauhaus-styled commercial building at downtown Cape Town immediately grabbed us at soundspacedesign after a long, long search for a new home.

We converted a former drab lawyer’s office into a mixed-use headquarters for the firm, which came to include two residential units, separated from the vast office space by perforated, automated roller-shutter doors.

The reception space is separated from the living area by a diaphanous automated roller-shutter door.

Turning once more to the absurd and colourful landscapes of Dr. Seuss for inspiration, and the animated videos of Green Jelly (created by Airside), we created a unity/difference between the work/play areas through the use of high-contrast colour – red, white, yellow for the office, versus green, blue, yellow and pink for the home – which were colours brought into the space from the view of the adjacent Bo-Kaap (traditional Cape Malay residential quarter) houses across the valley.

The landscape and pastel colours of the adjacent Bo-Kaap community are brought into the interior design.

Deep countertops add additional space to the galley kitchen.

Decor elements inspired by the absurd forms and colours of Dr. Seuss's illustrations.

A large open-plan wet room flanks the carpeted dressing area.

A final inspiration was to conceive of the 7th floor as being underwater, and thus the décor objects became coral growths around which to navigate.

A combination of architecturally-scaled furniture pieces and hospital curtains divide the open-plan living spaces.

Architects - soundspacedesign

Interiors - soundspacedesign with Esme Mare

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