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Perth, Australia

3 Oxford Close

In 2015, Soundspacedesign were commissioned by the Matzin Corporation of Perth to design a new 4-storey commercial building that incorporated a solar-powered digital billboard as part of its architectural logic, not as an add-on or afterthought. 

The LED screen curves along the corner of a minor intersection, one block away from a much busier one, where it points to a captive audience in Leederville.

The panellised facade is derived from a digitally created skin that modulates between the street awning on Oxford Place and an overhang that shades the screen itself.  Not unlike the skin of an onion, the facade peels away in layers, revealing the screen and creating an interesting facade above the coffee shop below. The offices face into a private courtyard with a northern aspect.


The digital billboard faces a busy intersection in Leederville, Perth


Generative design process to house the digital billboard.


Axonometric views showing connection between the facade and the main structure


Final solution to the panelised, curved facade.


The facade incorporates the digital billboard in an intelligent way.

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