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Selected projects


Don Albert's ability to bring narrative, metaphor and delight to architecture is one which all architects can hone, especially if we are to reclaim architecture's mantle as the physical expression of a society's aspirations, fears and desires.


Mokena Makeka, Architect, Cape Town

I would recommend Don Albert without reservation, in both a personal and professional capacity.


Alex Pienaar, CBRE, Sydney

Soundspacedesign designed and built my parents retirement home understanding their idiosyncrasies, desires and outdoor lifestyle, providing years of fabulous happy living. We have followed soundspacedesign since its inception, and have continued to be impressed by the breadth and depth of insight, innovation, and client-focussed attention to detail.

Dr Mark Cresswell, Vancouver

Don Albert is an amazingly talented young architect whose work spans a number of building types.


Christopher Benninger, Grand Master Award Winning Architect, India

SOUND SPACE DESIGN the monograph is a critical resource that is relevant to practitioners who are engaged in the contemporary project of architecture


Iain Low, DIGEST of South African Architecture

While South African architects seem adept at producing a fantasy architecture that relies on overly determined notions of identity and context, an architecture that is more questioning and open ended is what we need more of ...


Sean O'Toole, Art South Africa

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