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Down to Earth - Don Albert  |  a quiet littel ‘yes’ - Arno Morland


Mobile accompaniment to the Exhibition

Habitus Loop, 61 Loop Street, Cape Town

Opening - Oct 5th, 2023, 5:30pm

Conversation with Sean O'Toole - Oct 7th, 2023, 12pm

Exhibition Close - Oct 19th, 5pm


Everywhere & Nowhere 2 (2023) Don Albert
155cm x 100cm  limited edition archival print

Down to Earth


Why do people believe in God/s, extra-terrestrial life, and other unexplainable phenomena that have scant proof, yet find it difficult to compute the facts of climate change, its man-made causes, and the calamitous consequences for humanity if unchecked? In Down to Earth, Don Albert examines the recent surge of interest in Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) ~ through his particular ‘Landscape of South African Anxiety’ lens. Having had his own experience of UAP on a farm in KZN with friends in the early 1980’s, Don has reason enough to believe that the hundreds of sightings reported by military and commercial pilots, mariners, groups of schoolchildren and adults, from Zimbabwe to Brazil to the ever-familiar USA, are true, no matter how inexplicable. This nexus between what we want to believe, what we are told to believe, and what we simply must believe as factually true, and what this means for the future of humanity, is a rich seam explored via artificial intelligence in a series of over 16 digitally created prints, oil paintings, installations and multimedia animations.


Told You! (2023) Don Albert
110cm x 110cm limited edition archival print

undead man (2023) Arno Morland - Bronze

A quiet littel ‘yes’


We live noisy lives inside our minds. However, it all rests on the vast silence of the implicit, the ineffable and the sublime. In this stillness, the all-consuming drama of human life is thrown into new perspective. We come to see all those hot little explosions of love and ambition, fear and elation that animate us ~ as if from the outside.  Thus seen, a compassionate smile inadvertently forms around the corners of one’s mouth. How can one not love this messy humanity: its indefatigable striving; its restless feeling about in the dark; its child-like hope? We are tragic, comical and glorious. Some objects come into the world as seepages from this perspective. They invite recognition, but very quietly. They are little aliens from inner space that land in our lives, trying to blend in with the everyday. But they are benign - their tiny laser beams may be aimed at your most essential self, but they burn no hotter than 37 degrees Celsius - the optimal internal temperature of the human body. Such are the sculptures and paintings presented by Arno in this exhibition. Offer yourself to them as a target. They are not looking for trouble. At most, they aim to provoke in you a quiet little ‘yes’.

Fear is every where-ArnoMorland-CROP.jpg

fear is everywhere but not in me (2023) Arno Morland
Oil on canvas 90cm x 60cm


Between heart and sky lies the all-too fertile ground of imagination, fear and desire ~ our minds. Join us for further probing.
Don Albert + Arno Morland

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