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A compendium of future oceanic worlds

Don Albert

Mobile accompaniment to the Exhibition, June 1st, 2023, 78 Hout Street, Cape Town

Opening remarks, Roger Horrocks,

Ocean cinematographer of the Academy Award winning My Octopus Teacher.

Floating Hope - 2023 
A Mappa Mundi


In the year 113 P.S. [Post Singularity], 10 years after the fall of the last remaining humans at Ruvik, British Columbia, and approximately 93 years after the Critical Post-Humanists had lost their final battle against the Multi-Faith Nihilist Fascist Alliance [MFNFA] over the future of life on Earth, an astonishing collective consciousness began to emerge amongst the remaining artificial and organic life forms that had returned to the relative safety of Earth’s oceans to reboot.


A timeline of events preceding the Current Underwater Epoch [CUE]

2030 CE/ O PS - Singularity Achieved ~ genuine sentience of artificial intelligence systems is achieved, ushering a tumultuous period in history further dividing the north and south, east and west, rich and poor. Many humans opt out of existence entirely by mass suicides in protest, many first and third-world nations withdraw entirely from the global financial system and revert to subsidence economies in order to escape globalist servitude.


2050 CE / 20 PS: World War III ~ Countries embracing Critical Post-Humanism find themselves under attack from the Multi-Faith Nihilist Fascist Alliance [MFNFA] - The war is ultimately won by the MFNFA but the decimated planet is thrown into a nuclear winter for the next 25 years, and between the war and the ensuing decades-long famine and floods, 4 billion humans die and countless animal species become extinct.


2075 CE/ 45 PS: Post-Nuclear Spring ~  After the radiation, floodwaters subside and the planet superheats again, far exceeding IPCC temperature forecasts, melting the worlds glaciers with calamitous effect on coastal cities, a further 2.7 billion humans die and 500 million people relocate as climate refugees. Australia is reclassified as “Terra Nullis” and evacuated.


2100 CE/ 70 PS: The Final Exodus ~ Life on the surface of the earth has become impossible for humans and animals alike - thousands of humans leave for extra-terrestrial refuges and those that remain are forced to live on the sea in floating cities, or build underwater cities such as the expansive construction at Ruvik, British Columbia, Canada which ultimately housed all of Canada’s remaining population.


2133/ 103 PS: The Fall of Ruvik City ~ A pivotal moment where AI and its co-opted organic and bionic workforce destroy all last remaining human beings.


2143/ 113 PS: Current Underwater Epoch [CUE] ~ A period of relative tranquility enables the evolution of post-posthuman life on earth.



Under Water World: A Mappa Mundi is a compendium of oceanic intelligence in location, that was crowdsourced from key players in each ecosystem (the contributors) and relayed to us now in the past by way of sophisticated space-time programming.

We trust you enjoy this Atlas and Anthology.


The Contributors, 14 May, 113 PS.

Disclaimer: This work is a product of fiction generated via artificial intelligence and traditional creative methods in order to accompany an art exhibition of the same name by Don Albert. Any resemblance to real events or individuals is purely coincidental. The author and publisher are not liable for any misinterpretation or offence caused by the fictional content.


The Reach - 2023 


155cm x 100cm

Archival Canvas Print  1 of 4



Artworks, Poetry and Curation - Don Albert

Foreword & Opening Remarks - Roger Horrocks


Curatorial and Editorial Assistance - Austin Powers 


Editors - Robyn L. Harding & Amélie de Bonnieres


Graphic Design Assistance - Dean Griffiths

Event Photography - Gordon Jubber


Exhibition Design/Coordination - Amélie de Bonnieres & André Badenhorst

Research & Art Assistance - Reece Green


Art Working Critiques -  Nigel Mullins, Tanya Poole, Sean O'Toole,,Rasigan Maharajh


A percentage of the proceeds of the exhibition will be donated


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