SOUND SPACE DESIGN is an award-winning international architecture and urban design firm based in Sydney, specialising in ecologically driven solutions for tourism and creative communities.


Founded in 1995 by Fulbright Scholar and UCLA Masters graduate Don Albert, SOUND SPACE DESIGN has received international acclaim for South Africa’s Millennium Tower, Durban, the highperformancentre at the University of Pretoria, the Proud Heritage Clothing Campus, The Concierge Hotel in Durban and the Organic House in Cape Town, amongst others.


In September 2019 the firm reopened its business in Sydney after a three year interregnum where Design Principal Don Albert was tenured at the office of FJMT Studio as Head of International Development working on a variety of large mixed-use residential and tourism projects in Sydney, Los Angeles and Lisbon.


Don Albert is registered as an architect in New South Wales and South Africa, and is an active participant in the current architectural debate, exhibiting and lecturing internationally. Don has authored a monograph SOUND SPACE DESIGN and published numerous articles on architecture, urbanism and climate change including as editor-in-chief of the recently founded Climate Change Cities.


This active participation in discourse augments the research capabilities of the firm, and facilitates the network-effect vital for the creation of contemporary, state-of-the art spaces.


Soundspacedesign often work as Lead Architects on foreign projects and as Architects of Record locally, completing projects in some of the most challenging locations around the world.


 ABN 23627800926  ARBNSW 10266 Nominee Architect Gerald Don Albert 

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