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Seminyak, Bali

A-Muse Boutique

In 2013 Bali-based Australian designers Ozlem Esen and Christine Tang joined forces and opened a bespoke boutique in Seminyak Bali called A-Muse. Designed to a goth and punk soundtrack the space made the most of its tiny footprint with mirror, a central display "coffin" and an algorithmically designed wall unit. 


The algorithmically generated display wall



A complex structure based on one lazer-cut shelf type


Colour-co-ordinated cutting list


Bespoke central casket for the display of jewelery


The point of sale is integrated into the casket

Algorithmic fractal retail design of shelving unit by SOUNDSPACEDESIGN Architects Sydney

Work in progress

David Bowie Marilyn Bryan Ferry Billy Idol fashion retail design SOUNDSPACEDESIGN Sydney
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