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Pioneertown, California

Destination Rockreach

This prototype off-grid home for Baltic Sands near the Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert of California makes the most of its spectacular views with a taught footprint and uber-manageable lock-up-and go floorplan suited for AirBNB rentals or as a permanent home.


Using a steel and timber hybrid frame to deal with the slope and seismic conditions, the house wraps around an open-plan living zone that includes a close relationship between the balcony onsen, balcony dining, lounge area and fireplace. 


Two wings offer a master bedroom on the west side of the living area, and two en-suites and a study to the east, straddling a centralised carport/entrance portico which can double as a function space.


A combination of traditional passive thermal comfort design principles are employed in the concept, coupled with contemporary "Passive Haus" principles:


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System

High Performance Glazing System

Limited Thermal Bridges

Continuous Insulation

Airtight Construction


The onsen is a manageable version of a swimming pool which comes in handy in both summer and winter. The elevated and well screened integrated balcony is designed to maximise privacy on arrival and offer security from desert critters who are as attracted to your home as you are!


We look forward to the construction of this beautiful home amongst the picturesque bolders of Rockreach near Joshua Tree National Park soon.

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