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Peralta Beach, Portugal

Peralta Plaza Residences

The Peralta Plaza Residences at Peralta Beach add a unique, urbane lifestyle opportunity into Obrana's burgeoning beach resort in Portugal. Influenced by the expressive qualities of tropical modernism, as exemplified in Brazil in the mid-20th Century, the architecture and interiors offer a seamless experience of rich, warm materials, and as always, an emphasis on maximum views with a minimum of fuss.

Located at the centre of the Peralta Beach development, this luxury serviced apartment adjunct to the commercial centre and boutique hotel, offers the best of beachfront village living with plentiful amenity within walking distance and spectacular ocean views.

Big_171_Plot24_Obrana_Ap I_living-dining_001-D-M.jpg

The interiors evoke the richness of tropical modernism with warm natural materials.


The building is conceived as a landmark within the Peralta Beach development.


The interiors of the four-bedroom duplex unit embrace beton brut ceilings, warm, timber finishes and built-in storage for a post-pandemic world that is spending more time at home.


The indoor-outdoor connection in all bedrooms is emphasised.


The typical 2-bedroom simplex apartments boast contemporary kitchens, with open-plan living areas and recessed televisions integrated into a seamless smokey-mirror wall.


Bathrooms and bedrooms continue the tropical modern feel indoors.


Large balconies and terraces take in the sun and the views.

The project is currently under construction.

Initial concept - FJMT Studio

Architecture - soundspacedesign 

Interiors - soundspacedesign and Obrana

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