Canggu, Bali

Voyager Boutique Creative Retreat Bali

The creation of the Voyager Boutique Creative Retreat in Canggu Bali presented soundspacedesign with an opportunity for boutique hospitality design at all scales ~ from branding and interiors to architecture ~ underpinned by the unique Voyager concept of a recording resort and creative ashram, long before co-working, yoga retreats and surf camps blossomed in now uber-trendy Canggu.


Located within the then sleepy fishing village of Jalan Nelayan, the creativity focussed boutique hotel drew on the traditional Balinese typology of a family “kampung” (compound) of raised pavilions set around a fluid “public” space of lush gardens and indoor/outdoor living and dining areas.

These pavilions were located in a generally symmetrical masterplan that observed existing coconut and mango trees that were to provide the hotel with organic produce, in addition to vegetable and herb garden on site for an on-site Balinese take on “farm-to-table”dining.

Eco-resort and boutique hotel by SOUNDSPACEDESIGN Architects Sydney.

Traditional 'kampung' inspired site plan of carefully positioned 'bale's.


As the hotel grew the Tambora suite was developed and the Voyager Café - a Portuguese spice-trade inspired style grill offering everything from Mauritian curries to Goanese prawns and Balinese dishes was opened. In later years a vegan restaurant named Live and Let Live offering vegan interpretation of classic Indonesian dishes was also added in order to meet the demand of yoga practicing guests.


The Balinese “bale” (pavilion) is a hipped roof dwelling which relates to the geometry of the volcanoes so prevalent in Indonesia and at its most basic is a lightweight construction of local coconut wood and thatch. At Voyager a Japanese construction methodology of separating the pavilions from their foundations in order to limit the damage caused by earthquakes was put to the test on a number of occasions where Bali since experienced a few major rumbles and passed with flying colours.

Soundspacedesign combined the somewhat dark oriental influence of the nearby Tugu Hotel with science-fiction references to come up with a ‘tropical volcano sci-fi’ theme that, combined with the idea of space exploration epitomised by the Voyager space craft of the 1970's, drove the interior design concept.

Agung Volcano was the inpiration behind the interior design of the Agung hotel room suite at Voyager Bali by SOUNDSPACEDESIGN Architects Sydney

Gunung Agung which dominates the landscape, inspired the interior concept.


The Agung Suite features an artwork of the Voyager's Golden Disks dispatched into space in 1977.


Each deluxe suite has an outdoor shower and large terrazzo bath in a private garden.


The Rinjani Suite overlooks the pool terrace through one-way glass.


The eclectic interiors evoke the pied--a-terre of a worldly creative traveller.

The Voyager included an art-gallery cum event space for the hosting of workshops and artist in residency programmes, a small recording suite for the recording and production of music and music videos.


Cinema Voyager hosted art-house movies while Cafe Voyager became a regular hangout for arty types with open-mic nights, Story-Slam events and regular creative writing group meetings.


Subtle level changes in the landscape heighten the sense of drama and definition of activity zones

Inspired by the informality of the Californian motel poolside experience, Voyager's prime social space is highly scripted.

Palm trees in evening at Voyager Boutique Creative Retreat Bali by SOUNDSPACEDESIGN Architects Sydney

With an emphasis on the romance of travel and old-world charm, the design of Voyager combines a deep sense of place and respect for Balinese culture. With a palpable connection to nature, Voyager becomes a veritable oasis in the burgeoning adventure-driven tourism and digital nomad destination that is Canggu.

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